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Origin of QJMOTOR

Qianjiang Motorcycle Co., Ltd. is located in Wenling City, Zhejiang Province. Founded in 1985, it is a company under the Geely Group that specializes in R&D and manufacturing of motorcycles, engines, and key components.


The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1999 (Stock Code 000913). In 2005, the company acquired 100-year-old Italian motorcycle company BENELLI, Becoming the first Chinese motorcycle manufacturer to merge with an international motorcycle brand. With Qianjiang’s production of higher displacement motorcycles, it has been the leader in 250cc for 7 consecutive years. Its products cover a full range of motorcycles ranging from 110cc ordinary scooters to 1130cc high-end large-displacement race cars. Countries and regions. The company leads the trend of domestic large-displacement motorcycles and its products are exported to 130 countries and regions.


Massive Production


The company has Benelli, QJMOTOR, and QJIANG three major fuel vehicle brands, displacement covering 50cc-1200cc, categories covering retro, street cars, cruises, travel, off-road, etc., a wealth of products to meet the user travel, sports, competition, leisure, entertainment, and other diversified needs. Each brand is unique to meet the diversified market needs.


Located in Wenling Economic Development Zone, Wenxi Manufacturing Base, Eastern New Area, are a number of factories and supporting factories, QJMOTOR is based on the company's "common platform, multi-brand" strategy, in the engine and other core components, will have the same common R & D and manufacturing platform.


QJMOTOR Introduction

Right after realizing the strategic blueprint and brand upgrade, Qianjiang Motorcycle, under Geely Technology Group, launched a new high-end brand QJMOTOR, aiming to produce more intelligent and humanized vehicles for better riding experience and fun. QJMOTOR aspires to be a leader in the global smart motorcycle industry. QJMOTOR-owned models, will not appear very similar to other brands in the future, the two product designs and other styles will be very different and designed by different teams.

QJMOTOR Advantage

More modern design, faster product iteration, and more cost-effectiveness.


Engine Platforms

At present, the existing engine platforms share a common platform with other brands, however, a new and upgraded engine will be deployed according to the brand strategy.


Adaptability to the

Market’s demands

The motorcycles' appearance and design, aligned with the preferences of people in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, will be adjusted based on user market feedback.

Our Machines

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srk 600.png

SRK 600

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SRK 400

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SRV 400

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